At the Q Gardens Farm Shop they aim to stock produce that has been grown, reared or made as locally as possible which includes fruit from their own orchards and meat from their own farm just a couple of miles away from the shop. They pride ourselves on stocking fresh, seasonal, high quality, local produce, with a great emphasis on customer service. 

Their PYO season gets up and running with strawberries, then the cherries. There is a  guide about what is in season when. ‘Picking your own’ is a great experience – you may be having a party and want to serve fresh strawberries for the dessert, you may want a quantity of raspberries for jam-making or simply want to enjoy spending some time in the cherry orchard picking a rare treat – the Harwell cherry.  It’s a particularly popular activity for children – so many of whom don’t know where their food comes from – this is a great way of letting them know!

The Q Gardens’ stall will be at farmers’ markets during the summer, carrying a large supply of whatever they have grown themselves and is in season.  Farmers’ markets are wonderful places to find a wide selection of locally-produced food, and to meet the producers too.  

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