• Pumpkin Patch
  • About Boyd's Kitchen Garden
Come and enjoy the great outdoors at our very own pumpkin patch this October!
Located on Arlington Lane, Donnington, RG14 3BJ (across from the Mary Hare school)
27th - 31st October 10am - 5pm
This event is FREE to attend but we do require booking to help us responsibly manage numbers.
- Homemade refreshments available
- Fancy dress costumes encouraged
- Dogs on leads welcome

-Only one ticket per vehicle required

Prices start from £2.50 - cash and card accepted

Unfortunately there are no toilet facilities on site

We're on a muddy field - please wear appropriate clothing and footwear!

I have a dream. It stems from simple passion for good food, and a frustration with everyday choices that people are being offered in the name of convenience - to the monumental detriment of our planet.


I want to be able to provide my family with honest wholesome food and to teach people about how to protect our planet through sensible eating choices.


We moved back from a three year stint in the Middle East in April 2019, just in time for the arrival of our first baby - Billy. Whilst we were out there, we were shocked with the throwaway attitudes and waste that has become synonymous with convenience lifestyles - a lifestyle choice that too many people make, often unwittingly.


I vowed, when I returned to the UK, to take a serious look at my own shopping habits, and, at the start of 2020, made a pledge on social media to cut plastic out of my life. Whilst I was on maternity leave (in between breastfeeding, changing nappies, and entertaining a newborn) Philip and I came up with an idea: to start our own farm shop founded on environmentally ethical and sensible attitudes.


We spent hours and hours over a glass or two of water (ahem... wine) in the evenings, talking about our plans and shaping the idea. I wrote and designed a fabulous shiny new business plan... and, with help from a lot of you (thank you to all of you who completed my survey and sent me insightful and supportive messages!) worked out we actually had a very real and viable opportunity.

And then the inevitable happened: I went back to work and the farm shop idea was parked.


And then the unpredictable happened: COVID-19 struck, and we were forced into lock-down.


Before we knew it the footpath running along the bottom of our driveway started becoming very popular. One evening, Philip was feeling a bit down-in-the-mouth: all the interesting rural projects he'd been working on had been parked, and instead he found himself amidst frantic planning to re-strategise rural estates for the short-term unknown. So to keep us busy at weekends and to give us something to do at the weekends now the pubs were all closed, he came up with the idea of extending our garden and growing vegetables. Perhaps a stepping stone to the Boyd's Barn Farm Shop, the Boyd's Kitchen Garden was invented.


Our shopping habits have had to change as a result of lock-down, and we find ourselves running out of vegetables mid-week, with zero desire to go to the supermarket and get more. Gone are the days of popping to the shop to quickly grab some top-ups. In fact, I try to limit my visits to as few as once or twice per month.


Boyd's Kitchen Garden was created to bridge the gap. To provide our local community with an easier way of getting hold of mid-week vegetable top-ups. You don't have to queue to get into a shop; you don't have to come into contact with anyone; and better yet, you don't have to dispose of plastic packaging. If you're a footpath user already, you don't even have to drive anywhere!


We hope you love our vegetables - the more you buy, the more we'll grow.


And we're always happy to consider requests for next year, if there is anything you'd particularly like us to grow for you - we are limited by our soil and climate, of course, but we'd always love to hear from you.

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