The Corn Exchange is excited to announce the grand opening of their Classic Sweet Shoppe!

What makes this news even more exciting is that the whole Sweet Shoppe is plastic free, in line with their mission to further reduce their plastic waste as an organisation.

As you may have noticed, they have been gradually moving away from using single-use plastics in their Café Bar, with the introduction of canned water, freshly baked sweet treats from local bakers, plastic free ice cream tubs/spoons and much more.

The main area they had left to environmentally makeover was their selection of sweets in their kiosk area, so that’s what they’ve done.

Their new Classic Sweet Shoppe offers a range of delicious treats including chocolate buttons, jelly pick n mix, fizzy jelly mix and vegan gummy bears.

All the sweets are available to purchase in individually labelled recyclable pots.

At just £3.50 each they’re a delicious way to help reduce your individual (and the organisation’s) carbon footprint, so you can feel extra good about treating yourself!

Why recyclable pots over compostable ones?

After much research they have found that compostable pots must be sent to an industrial composter, so unless they are handled in a very specific way when thrown out, it becomes much harder to keep them as sustainable as they would like.

The recyclable pots on the other hand can just be popped into one of their many recycling bins around their venue, or even recycled with your cardboard recycling at home.

Their Front of House Manager Hannah Roche said ‘I’m so pleased that we’re able to offer so many plastic free options. We are constantly aiming to remove as much single use plastic from our Café Bar so this is a great improvement’.

The Classic Sweet Shoppe is now open and you can come in and purchase sweet pots from us at any time, not just during their shows!

Plastic Free Classic Sweet Shoppe

Corn Exchange Newbury, Market Place, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5BD

01635 582666

The Plastic Free Classic Sweet Shoppe

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