Paul Presents: The Bird Whisperer with Steven Gozdz

The Bird Whisperer

Steven Gozdz is known as the Bird Whisperer and his passion is Wildlife Photography which is predominantly bird related. 

He has had a keen interest in birds from a very young age and remembers fondly his Grandad pointing out the birds in his garden and using his binoculars. His parents fuelled the fire even more when they bought him a pair of Zebra Finches as pets when he was around 8 years old and from then it became many years of keeping various cage and aviary birds in a number of large aviaries from small finches and waxbills to weavers and parakeets. During this time where most kids were trading football cards etc Steven was reading many bird books, both European and Foreign and memorising what species they were and the habitat etc.

Growing up, work and family life took focus for many years, but he never lost his interest and appreciation for wildlife in general and It’s only in the last 5 years that he has been able to spend more time out and about enjoying wildlife and photographing things he sees

He now runs Goring Gap Wildlife Walks, which include a Family Goring Riverside, (complete with a checklist to tick off), The Streatley Woodland Adventurer, the Goring Scenic Circuit and The Goring Riverside Return.

There are group walks, as well as personal 121’s and can do 121’s photography sessions for those wanting to improve their wildlife photography.

Steven also runs partnership walks with Walk the Thames, where an itinerary including hotel bookings and luggage transfers, will soon be partnering with The Tithe Barn and partners with local pubs, such as The Swan at Streatley. Photograph Courtesy of Steven Gozdz.

Photographs: Courtesy of Steven Gozdz 



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