Paul Presents That Summer with Sarah E Roberts

A True Story of Wartime Evacuation to Kintbury

That Summer’ is an inspirational, true account of a young girl’s perspective on life as an evacuee during the Blitz.

Those days, events and experiences would have a long lasting effect and come to shape her whole life.

Beautifully told, with stories, photographs and records of family roots dating back to the sixteenth century and a return to her childhood safe haven – the village of Kintbury, Berkshire – this window into British life during World War 2 portrays multi-generational hardships and tribulations that have spanned the centuries.

While her family’s world would collapse and be reshaped, the one constant strength that stayed true throughout was the love, devotion and loyalty they had for each other.

Jussie’s story is one of enduring hope, where no matter how hard life can be, there is still joy and happiness to be found right around the corner. 

Paul Presents That Summer with Sarah E Roberts
That Summer
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