Paul Presents | Teaching Drama with Professor Andy Kemp

Professor Andy Kemp teaches drama teachers at Reading University. Drama is a big employer and a big part of our culture. The film credits may show actors and actresses, but also the other forms of employment in the world of drama. Whilst learning drama young people can experience being in someone else’s shoes and trying to sort out the problems they are facing, seeing it from their point of view.

Paul chats to Andy about his journey to becoming a drama teacher, the new film studios Reading University are involved in, why teaching drama in schools is important and his involvement and how you can help in an exhibition of it being 40 years since the Greenham Peace Women came to Greenham Common.


Marking Steps

40 years ago this summer the first peace protestors arrived at Greenham Common to draw attention to the siting of cruise missiles there and the global proliferation of nuclear weapons.

What are the personal stories behind events such as these that make headlines around the world? 

In this series of workshops participants will be helped to develop pieces of dramatic writing which reveal the characters that might have been involved directly or indirectly with the events at Greenham. Who were they? What was the nature of their involvement? And, most intriguingly, what was at stake for them?

On The Wire - Writing For Drama
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