Paul Presents | Sup Buddies with Sam Seater Tillotson

Sam started life near the coast in Cornwall and started paddleboarding later in life. Paddleboarding became very popular during Lockdown and Sam, now living in Peasemore decided to start a free SUP social group- now with over 800 members. Being out in the countryside near water, in fresh air has many Mental health benefits and Sam’s passion project has led to her interest in Mental Health Support Groups and Charities. SUP Buddies organises social outings, family splash and play – and has a jubilee paddle and paddle rubbish collections in the planning, as well as outings to Old Harry Rocks and the Norfolk Broads. Sam has also been organising collections and is looking for donations for Ukraine.

“I have been Stand Up Paddle Boarding for many years and I love sharing my passion of this sport with many of my friends.

SUP boarding not only offers a total core workout, working the entire body but also offers great opportunity to socialise with like-minded people who also love adventure.
I find the water has a relaxing effect on my body and mind which helps reduce stress and anxiety.
If you love nature and want to see it in a way like you have never seen it before, then grab a board and a SUP paddle and join me!”
Paul Presents | Blue Lemon Paddle Boarding
SUP Buddies, West Berkshire
Sam is collecting for Ukraine
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