Paul Presents | Mead with Simon Cooper

Paul’s guest this week is Simon Cooper from GB Mead. Simon was originally a theatre electrician before time off due to an accident led him to battle re-enactments and being introduced to making Mead. Mead is possibly the oldest alcoholic beverage with many associations to folklore and to some traditions such as the Honeymoon period, as well as being referenced in programmes such as A Game of Thrones. Simon tells us about some of the history, about making Mead and the future of Mead as interest grows in the rediscovery of Mead as the new drink of choice.

GB Mead


Starting in the early 1990’s, being involved in dark age re-enactment meant mead was the drink to have round the campfire.

Before the internet, finding a bottle or two of mead to pick up on the way involved detouring to a pre arranged off-licence who had some in stock.


As it happened, I knew a few bee keepers so making my own seemed the best option. Later, having moved over to Medieval re-enactment, mead was still the drink to have, so I began to take a boot full, and when that wasn’t enough we moved on to having a stall.

As is often the case with home brewers, the under stairs cupboard is rapidly outgrown, and there is nothing like enthusiasm, so having progressed through a variety of spaces, now we have a commercial unit in order to keep up with demand and expand our range, and are now licensed to include retail and wholesale through the AWRS scheme


We are always on the look out for new outlets!

We are now stocked in many off licences and farm shops, pubs, restaurants and boutique bars. 

We also supply mead to hand fastings and weddings, where mead makes an excellent toasting drink.

If you would like your local to stock our excellent mead, get them to contact us and we will do the rest!

GB Mead
We are grateful to The Greenham Trust for their support and Community Grant
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