Paul Presents: Life as an Author with Iris Lloyd

Paul Presents: Life as an Author with Iris Lloyd. Part 2 of 3.

A big Happy Birthday to iris who is 90 years old on Saturday! Following her interview with Paul on her life as a tap dancer, we hear about her life as an Author.  Iris has written several books, her Bron series was written after visiting an archaeological dig at Beedon, a West Berkshire village. Set in the Roman Times it imagines what life would have been , using the archeological facts as a basis.

“Life in the settlement has continued unchanged for centuries, in spite of the Roman occupation. But then, in AD 385, Bron is born.

“This beautiful child is destined for psychopathic Nobilianus, heir to the High Priesthood, but he detests her. However, she becomes his father’s obsession. Soranus, her childhood friend, loves her and Pulcher, the dwarf, worships her, but as she grows towards womanhood, her temptation is the young Roman officer, Aurelius Catus”.

Iris also wrote Flashback-

” Inexplicably, Sarah Randall’s satnav slips her back into the village of Purton Tendril in Dorset during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I”

Hunterwick Green –

“I am fascinated by these new village complexes that are springing up in southern counties offering, if you believe the brochures, ‘a great new way of living’ to the discerning purchasers of their luxury homes.

Peter and Alison buy into the dream but Alison has the feeling she is being watched – and who is showing lights in the wood at night? The young couple discover to their cost that perfection comes at a price and Hunterswick Green is not at all what it seems…”

and My Lady Marion 

” Young Marian had thrived at the court of King Henry VIII and never guessed that today she would be on the scaffold with Queen Anne Boleyn, tucking her long hair into a black cloth cap in readiness for her execution. “

Her latest book Dancing at Davenport

My ninth novel, Dancing at D’Avencourt, has been inspired by what is to me a fascinating and beautiful painting by George Henry Boughton, R.A

“This important work by the painter shows a congregation coming away from midnight mass in some Continental city in the fifteenth century. The eye is at once attracted to the lady of high birth, slender in form, youthful and elegantly clad, who is stepping lightly over the snow-covered ground on her return to her home. Torch-bearers make sure of her way, and by her side is an elderly attendant, while groups of respectful and interested spectators mark their sense of her importance. The rest of the congregation, who follow her through the spacious doorway, are all in quaint and picturesque costumes, that give in themselves a beauty and interest to the work, apart from the effect of the massive cathedral walls and the cold midnight air. The charm of the Mediaevalism of the scene is the attribute in the picture sought, and most successfully attained, by the painter.”

Iris lloyds website
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