Paul Presents | In Defense of Freedom; A History of RAF Greenham Common with Jonathan Sayers

The true story of Greenham Common.

In Defense of Freedom tells the true story of Greenham Common as a historic airfield from its construction in 1941 to its closure in 1992 amid victory in the Cold War. It is the story of how a small town in rural Berkshire in the South of England became home to a mighty force and a tangible bastion of the Special Relationship between the US and Britain through war and defending the peace. This remarkable airfield contributed much to history; acting as a launch site for the D-Day campaign in June 1944 to its Cold War redevelopment to contain the Warsaw Pact and as a location of a speed record. Based on several years of research with input and rare images from many who had active service at Greenham Common and RAF Welford, In Defense of Freedom reveals the real story of the base and its vital missions for the first time. This is a revised second edition following the publication of the original in 2006.

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