Paul Presents | Foxglove Social Care Farm with Kathe Davies

Foxglove’s new Social/Care Farming enterprise, is set up for disadvantaged young teenagers who are struggling in a mainstream school environment and for adults with mental health problems. The Social/Care Farm  started a run of 12 week -projects, starting in April 2020 for small groups of around five students each day from Monday to Friday 0930 until 1500 with the option to extend the placement if all is going well. Their aim is to improve the health and well-being of Vulnerable People by providing the care of the land and animals with the care of people.They use nature and the country side for learning, engagement recovery, fun, health and well-being.This therapeutic work, through the Care farming related
activities, will be all under farmer supervision and will offer educational opportunities and help to get the student back into mainstream school, further education, work experience placements and in some cases back into the workplace after a mental heath related illness. Keeping young offenders engaged with meaningful work, will help to prevent the increasing problem of reoffending. The Care farm is adjacent to a nature reserve, where rare birds and species can be seen, this site will be included in the Care farming activities programme.

Lambing Weekend 9th & 10th April

Foxglove’s Lambing Weekend is on the 9th & 10th April. Foxglove has over 700 sheep, including rare breeds. A stunning day out with lambing, sheep dog, vets Q & A, nature walks, craft and local produce stalls, a spinning lady, pop up farm shop, face painting, baby chicks, maybe feed a lamb, farm dominoes, tractor trailer rides, BBQ, Bar  and more….

 Adult £5

Child £2.50

selective photography of white lamb on hay
Foxglove Farm
See the Chicks
Tractor Rides
Face Painting
Face painting
Farm Dominoes
BBQ & Music Evening @ The Great Shefford
Spring Food and Craft Fair
Local Produce Craft Stalls
Easter Egg Hunt
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