Capture your pet’s personality! 

Berkshire based professional equine and pet photographer Karen Bennett, a former amateur jockey has swapped the saddle for a camera.

Karen has been making her name in the Equine and Pet photography world and has won awards for her breath-taking images, each one capturing the essence and character of her subjects.

Recently her love, passion and true connection with horses has led her to create a stunning portfolio of “Equine Envy” fine art photographs.

Her hard work and dedication have resulted in each one telling its own individual story allowing for communication to build between the image and the viewer.

Most of Karen’s fine artwork is created from roaming horses and ponies in their natural surroundings.

Karen will wait tirelessly, in all kinds of weather to capture an arresting image that will form a connection with the viewer.

Karen’s latest work contains powerful and spirited images of truly magnificent Pre-Andalusian stallions.

Karen takes on a limited number of private commissions throughout the year to photograph owner’s horses and dogs.

Other pets or animals can be included.

These commissions are tailored to each individual pets and owner’s requirements.

They work as a team to gain the very best results that’s possible.

Paul Presents Equine and Pet Photography with Karen Bennett

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