Paul Presents Clutter Free with Claudia

Paul Presents Clutter Free with Claudia. Do you treat your home like a storage unit? Do you have a drawer with six old cell phones, draws of make-up you no longer use? Things without a purpose and no longer beautiful to you? Want to make room for clutter free living? 

The Face Behind “Clutter Free with Claudia”

Claudia is 38 and lives in Calcot, West Berkshire.

She has been a fairly tidy and organised person pretty much all of her life. She remembers decluttering her bedroom regularly at her parents’ house from a young age. And about 5 years ago, she started her journey into minimalism.

Before starting her business, she gathered a lot of additional experience by helping friends and family with decluttering and organising their homes. She just loved transforming their homes and making their lives so much easier.

She loves helping people on their journey to a clutter free and organised home. It makes her happy to see her clients happy and she can’t wait to help you on your journey.


Clutterfree with Claudia

Kids clutter. Do you feel like you’re constantly tidying up toys? 

Decluttering and organising will help you save time.

Do you feel like you’re constantly tidying up toys or pushing them from one side to another? And even after you’ve tidied up, it still looks chaotic? Do you kids struggle tidying up their toys because there’s no room for it all? Does a tidy home seem unachievable to you? 

Most of my clients are families with exactly this problem! I can help!

With a good decluttering session and a storage system that is tailored to you and your family needs I will be able to transform your living space from chaos to calm. 

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‘Clutterfree with Claudia’ is a local decluttering and organising business which helps people create a clutterfree, calm living space. 
Having a clutterfree home will help save you time in the long term as you’ll spend less time tidying, cleaning and organising all the stuff that has been accumulated over the years. Imagine a home only filled with stuff that you find useful or beautiful. 
Taking the first step and ask for help with decluttering and organising your home is the hardest part but it’s always good to focus on the outcomes and benefits of being organised to motivate you to get things going:
✨Reduce stress and anxiety
✨More time for the things that are truly important in your life
✨Creating a calmer, tidier space
✨Increased productivity
✨Easier to clean and tidy
✨Gives you more headspace
✨Improved sleep
These are just some of the many great benefits to give yourself the gift of a clutterfree and organised home. 
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