Paul Presents | Berkshire Vision with Laura Mitchell

This week on Paul Presents, Paul talks to Laura Mitchell CEO from Berkshire Vision. We learn of amazing adventures aids from an adapted game room adventure to technology such as glasses which will tell you who it is when a friend is walking towards you.

Quite simply, there is nothing a visually impaired person cannot do, but they may need to do it differently.

Berkshire Vision, Supporting the Visually Impaired.

Sight loss can take away independence and confidence, and leave those affected isolated. Berkshire Vision supports hundreds of blind and partially sighted children and adults across the county, helping them to live their lives to the full. 

Berkshire Vision is the working name of Berkshire County Blind Society, which was established in 1910 and has an organisational history stretching back over 100 years. It is an independent local charity, operating within Berkshire.

They are proud of their heritage and following their centenary decided to update the charity, so that they can continue our legacy of support with a new and dynamic image. As a continuation of their commitment to support visually impaired individuals across Berkshire, they have developed a strategy, which aims to enhance their Members’ lives and raise awareness of sight loss.

A sight loss diagnosis can come as a shock and can be frightening. Their Sight Loss Support Officers (SLSOs) can offer you support at any time in your sight loss journey.  For some people, this is when they are first diagnosed but for others it can be further down the line. 

There’s no wrong time to reach out and see how a Sight Loss Support Officer could help you.Their aim is to keep you as safe, independent and socially engaged as possible. 

Their Sight Loss Support Officers are Jennie, Chris, Helen, Diane and Dominque. You can find out more about them here 

The SLSOs can meet wherever you feel comfortable, whether at home or somewhere such as a café, to discuss your needs and agree a plan of how to address those needs. This could include demonstrating equipment to help with everyday tasks; supporting you with technology; helping you to identify and access things you could do in your local community; provide a listening ear to talk about coming to terms with your sight loss. They also work with many other organisations, so if they can’t help you, they can refer you on to someone who can.   

Your ECLO or GP can refer you to  them or you can self refer. 

If needed an interpreter can be provided to help you access support from one of their Sight Loss Support Officers

Paul Presents | Berkshire Vision with Laura Mitchell
Berkshire Vision
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