Paul Presents | A Personal Journey with Bishop Olivia Graham.

Bishop Olivia is originally from Kent and began working as a volunteer teacher and school’s worker, living and working within a small community in Kenya. Later Bishop Olivia worked as an overseas relief and development worker for nine years in Africa, including working with Oxfam in Somalia. Bishop Olivia was ordained in 1997 and is  passionate about social justice and the interface the Church has with the wider world, she has called for Government action on climate change and led the work on Flourishing in Ministry. The Queen approved the appointment of the Venerable Olivia Graham, the Archdeacon of Berkshire, as the next Bishop of Reading. Bishop Oliva was the 24thfemale Bishop in the Church of England and the first female Bishop in the Diocese of Oxford and was consecrated at St. Pauls Cathedral on the 19thNovember 2019. Bishop Olivia describes her personal journey leading up to the ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral and some behind the scene moments of a very special day.

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