Vegan Fair Returns in Newbury this August.

Their aim is to give people the opportunity to sample and discover a wide variety of artisan, plant-based products made by independent businesses right on the doorstep. It’s clear that the popularity of veganism is no longer regarded as a trend but as a way of life for millions across the UK. That being said, it is still increasingly difficult to buy certain plant-based products without having to order online or travel into a city-centre.

Vegan fairs want to support independent, local businesses by giving them a platform to get their products and brands out there. For many traders, their main source of income is from trading at fairs and markets across the country and a stepping stone to take their business to the next step. They have a great relationship with their traders and are proud to be a part of their journey.

They think that running vegan fairs and markets can be one of the most effective forms of vegan outreach. Most of their events have been first time events in the towns that they have been held in, and often attract the attention and attendance of local people, not all of whom are vegan. They have been praised at being able to showcase the vegan lifestyle in a friendly, approachable, accessible away.

  • 17 Market Pl (map)

Our FREE Vegan Market in Newbury takes place every 3 months on the second Sunday of the month.