New Honesty Cook Together Tickets

At Honesty they recognise the advantages of cooking with your child.

They are many and numerous, not least amongst them being time to bond, a growth in self-confidence, an expanding palate and the development of an all-important life skill.

With this is mind they have created a new ticket type for their courses.

Their ‘Cook Together’ tickets are for an adult booking on with a child of 10 – 18 years and will enable the child to book on for half price.

You will work together at the same workstation but create your own portions – a shared experience with new skills to take away for life.

They are trialling this at the moment to gauge interest and see how it works, with the possibility of more courses scheduled during holiday periods in the future.

The first of their courses that can be booked with a ‘Cook Together’ ticket is the Perfect Pizza Focaccia Course led by =theirItalian tutor, Mariella Bliss

Perfect Pizza and Focaccia – ‘Cook Together’ ticket offered
Perfect Pizza and Focaccia – ‘Cook Together’ ticket offered

Mariella Bliss is passionate about her Italian heritage and can’t wait to share it with you.

This popular pizza making class is full of authentic ingredients and an Italian passion you won’t be able to resist.

Hailing from Naples, Mariella will introduce you to the secrets of creating a truly Neapolitan soft crust ‘Margherita’ , a crisp Roman style Pizza in Teglia’ and a pillowy Focaccia.

The course will be taught using their outdoor pizza oven, but you will also be shown how achieve good results in a home oven too.

A perfect course for those who want to make their pizza baking a more authentic experience and a chance to pick Mariella’s brains over the best cooking methods and topping possibilities.

You will sit down to eat the fruits of your labours, and mull over what you have learnt with a glass of wine or cordial

They offer a ‘cook together’ ticket costing £105 for an adult booking on with a child of 10 – 16 years. Please email cookery to book this type of ticket.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

10 people maximum.

  All abilities welcome

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