Modern Makers Collective – Yattendon Christmas Market

Modern Makers Collective – Yattendon Christmas Market

20th + 21st November 2021

10am – 4pm

Yattendon Village Hall, Yattendon, RG18 0UE

We are a collective of makers, designers, artists and craftspeople who come together annually to showcase our work. Our shared philosophy is rooted in exquisite objects made with craftsmanship. We exhibit and sell together locally at our Christmas Market, in the village of Yattendon. From ceramicists and painters to weavers and upholsterers, our makers sell a range of exceptional artworks and gifts.

The Yattendon Christmas Market is brought to you by Modern Makers Collective, an assortment of talented artists, designers, makers, and craftspeople selling a range of exceptional contemporary Art, Craft and Design. The festive and fun market is the perfect opportunity if you are looking for unique gifts to give this year, or for something extra special to treat yourself and your loved ones. The members of Modern Makers Collective have been busy creating hundreds of beautiful items to buy, from ceramics to textiles, jewellery to woodwork, basketry weaving to painting and much more. The Christmas Market is a treasure trove of craftsmanship and excellence, showcasing the unmatched charm of the handmade in the idyllic rural village of Yattendon.

A bit more info:

The event features a select group of local makers, artists and craftspeople, who are all striving for excellence in their field. Among others, there is ceramicist Harriet Coleridge, who creates beautiful and dynamic pots often with dramatic glazes. Jeweller Charlotte Berry, who makes a range of ethical and sustainable modern treasures, inspired by the natural world and the idea of good luck charms. Victoria Baker, leatherworker and handbag maker, who uses leather and suede to create stunning handstitched bags and accessories. Upholsterer Aimee Alice Payton uses a range of exciting textiles to create sumptuous handstitched lampshades. Weaver Mary Lowry hand weaves colourful and delicate textiles in silk, cashmere and wool. Artisan soap maker Gaia Botanics creates 100% natural skin loving soaps. Lots of Lovely Art creates art boxes for children inspired by artists, filled with high-quality art materials they aim to inspire children to explore the process of making art. Andrew Hazelden, another ceramicist, whose exquisite hand painted tin glaze earthenware pots are full of joy. There will also be painting, Christmas wreaths, bookbinding, woodwork, cards, prints, basketry, jewellery and textiles all to buy in one place.

The Makers

Lorna McCurdy

Lorna McCurdy is a bookbinder specialising in unique handmade books. She focusses on combining beauty and structural strength in books that are made to last a lifetime. Each book is carefully handstitched and covered, and a wealth of beautiful materials are used.

Aimée Alice Payton

Aimée Alice Payton is an upholsterer and lampshade maker who uses exquisite textiles to create bespoke items for beautiful interiors. Her handstitched and hand-rolled lampshades are full of colour, life and stories. She also makes wax wraps, perfect for storing food.

Thornton Smith

Thornton Smith is a furniture maker who focusses on the natural movement and grain of the tree in his work. Using mainly oak, he creates beautiful bespoke pieces for the home.

Harriet Coleridge

Harriet Coleridge has been a practising potter for nearly forty years, having started, after a fortuitous visit to Aldermaston Pottery in 1984, as an apprentice to Alan Caiger Smith. Most of her work nowadays is in porcelain and stoneware with carbon trap shino glazes; these are somewhat mysterious and require fierce reduction for their dramatic effects, ranging from amber through charcoal. They are enhanced with wax, ash and gold lustre brushwork.


Mary Lowry

Mary Lowry is a handwoven textile designer. Her one-off scarves and shawls in silk, wool and cashmere are woven by hand on a floor loom. Designs feature the creative use of colour and texture. The yarns mostly come from ends of lines at mills.


Anne Payton

Anne Payton is a local landscape painter and printer who creates vividly textural and dynamic oil paintings and watercolours, inspired by the shifting seasons. She also prints lithographs using an antique press and lithographic stones.


Charlotte Berry

Charlotte hand makes ranges of ethically sourced and sustainable, fine and heirloom jewellery from her traditional workshop in rural Oxfordshire. Inspired by the idea of personal treasures and good luck charms, she makes wearable amulets for modern life.

Lots of Lovely Art

LoLA creates art boxes for children inspired by artists. Filled with high-quality art materials and beautifully constructed information on artists, they aim to inspire children to explore the process of making art. Each box celebrates an overall theme, using the work of artists, both past and present, to inspire the child’s creativity. Clearly written instructions help develop creative independence and children can experiment with different art techniques and materials.


Victoria Baker

Victoria Baker Handmade. Victoria Baker creates beautifully constructed, bespoke handbags. Each design is carefully considered. Hand stitched with specially selected linings in suede, also available in a range of exciting colours, which can be chosen to either harmonise or contrast with the exterior leather colour.


Gaia Botanics

Gaia Botanics is an artisan soap maker creating 100% natural, Palm free soaps. She uses only responsibly sourced ingredients to create a truly skin loving soap. She also enjoys creating natural, durable and functional products with beautiful, natural fabrics which encourage re use.

Andrew Hazelden

Andrew studied ceramics at the Epsom School of Art and Design, and has worked with renowned ceramicists Mary Wondrausch and Alan Caiger-Smith. He learned the technique of tin glaze earthenware and reduction fired lustre at the Aldermaston Pottery in Berkshire which he joined in 1984. Using a blend of Italian Duruta and a Spencroft clay, Andrew hand-paints the oxides onto the tin glaze in the maiolica tradition. He is also producing reduction fired lustreware. Using silver and copper paste this technique needs a reduction of oxygen during the firing to create the iridescent surface.


Louise Arthur

Louise is passionate about making and teaching basketry with a variety of hedgerow, woodland and wetland plants. She champions the sustainability and process of her craft.