Miller @ Home and Goring Wildlife Walks

The Miler @ Home
Photo Courtesy of Steve Gozdz

The Miller of Manesfield, Goring

As we sail into the autumn, The Miller of Manesfield are already contemplating open fires and autumnal ingredients benefiting from their rural, riverside spot.

Miller at home is their better than takeaway service and more than a ready meal dine at home offering- So you can now enjoy the same quality Miller produce and cooking within the comfort and privacy of your own home.Miller at Home isn’t a grab and eat dining option. Without sounding highbrow, that just isn’t their style of dining! Miller at Home is designed for you to collect and finish at home when you’re ready. Each item or ingredient is labelled and instructions are included for plating up.

Miller at Home is better than a ready meal because there are no preservatives or artificial ingredients. These are meals just like you’d find on the menu at The Miller and served to you, but packed up ready for you to finish at home so they can be enjoyed at their best. The instructions included with your collection will guide you on heating and finishing the dishes, ready to serve. No cold dinners or congealed sauces here!

When you collect your order you’ll receive a tray of delights like this complete with finishing instructions and a serving suggestion. All ingredients and dish parts will be labelled to match the instructions. All you have to do is follow the steps and pop it on a (warmed) plate.

They are also delighted to be partnering with Steve Gozdz from Goring Gap Wildlife Walks with bespoke walks helping you to spot your local wildlife. Book a walk to enjoy a range of offers when dining and staying with us.