Two Cocks Brewery

Tucked away on the edge of West Berkshire, Two Cocks Brewery is an award-winning craft microbrewery established in 2011. They aim to keep to tradition rather than follow the trends and take pride in producing quality golden craft Ales, Bitters and even a Stout! Brewed in a unique rural setting, providing the water and the hoops, it is handcrafted through every step of production.Nothing is wasted as spent grain is fed to the cows.Water for the brewery comes from the farm’s very own bore hole and the beers are flavoured with wild hops found growing in the farm’s hedgerows. Beers are named after the English Civil War as the site of the farm was involved during the battles of Newbury.

Two Cocks Brewery, Church Lane, Enborne , Newbury, Berkshire, RG200HB 

Tel: 01635 37777   Email:

Two Cocks Brewery Ltd is part of the Porto Pi Group of Companies

West Berkshire Brewery

The founders started West Berkshire Brewery with an attitude that combined a passion for beer, a respect for the local community and a disregard for convention. Since 1995 they have  been consistently dedicated to quality, taking pride in everything they do and striving to build a sustainable future.


Butts Brewery

Butts brewery is one of only a handful of
totally dedicated Organic brewerys
in the UK, producing a wide range of award
winning cask and bottle conditioned ales.

The brewery was established in 1994, being totally dedicated to Organic brewing since 2002.

Situated in West Berkshire it supplies its cask ales within a radius of 60 miles but the beer may reach more distant destinations via selected distributors.

The brewery also bottles its own beers which are available in local Waitrose supermarkets and a variety of Farm shops and specialist Off Licences.

Cask or bottles can be bought directly at the brewery (please phone first).

Northfield Farm Industrial Estate, Wantage Rd, Great Shefford, Hungerford RG17 7BY

The Indigenous Brewery

Following years of intense and hedonistic imbibing and brewing in pursuit of delicious ales, Head Brewer Kevin Brady invites you to share the indigenous experience. Kevin has been brewing since 2011 and having successfully showcased some of his beers at local village events, he has now set up his own Micro Brewery in the village of Chaddleworth, West Berkshire. The focus is on producing hand crafted ales on a relatively small scale that offer something a little different.  April 2016 saw AMMO Belle American Pale Ale voted as Beer of the Festival at Reading Ale and Cider Festival. An accolade that the brewery is extremely proud of.

Peacock Cottage, Main Street, Chaddleworth RG20 7EH Newbury


Delphic Brewing Company

Delphic Brewing Company is Thatcham’s first craft brewery, established in 2019 by head brewer Tom Broadbank. It started out life in 2017 as a homebrew project on a 50L system in a double garage.

This was then upgraded to a 2.5BBL (500L) system, 2 temperature controlled fermentation tanks and a dedicated cold store. We brew many seasonal beers destined for Cask and Keg. Our core Best Bitter ‘Level Crossing’, is available year round.

Tutt’s Clump Cider

Since 2006 we’ve been making our award-winning Cider the old fashioned way – by hand. That’s why we call it Proper Cider. So what’s the process?

Well, it all starts in the spring when beautiful blossom appears on apple trees across the home counties. Our little bee friends get busy pollinating the blossom flowers, which in the Autumn (after some sunshine and showers) become wonderful crisp apples – ripe for making Proper Cider!

We use the traditional “shake n windfall” method to gather our crop before giving the apples a clean in good old fashioned West Berkshire water.

After selecting the best apples, we mill them into a delicious smelling apple pulp, ready for popping into our press. The press squeezes down on the pulp and all of the wonderful fresh juice flows out. 

After checking the natural sugar content so we know what the final ABV will be, we pop the juice into air locked fermenting tanks where the natural yeast feeds on the natural sugar in the juice turning it into alcohol. The juice will ferment to perfection between three and twelve weeks depending on the ambient temperature. Our proprietor Tim then crafts the perfect blend to ensure consistency and quality, before the Cider is sealed into large tanks to mature for a minimum of 12 months.

Tutts Clump CiderThe wait is almost over now, the Cider is decanted and is either bottled, canned, popped into bag-in-box’s or barrels, ready for customers to enjoy at home or down their local!

Tutts Clump Cider Ltd
Travellers Rest Farm
Hungerford Lane
West Berkshire 

Tel. 0118 974 4649

Mob: 07836 296996 


Ciderniks’ Ciders

Ciderniks’ ciders are made with pure apple juice with nothing else added. So our ciders do not contain sulphites, additional sugar, sucralose, saccharrine or any of the other chemicals and agents that you may find elsewhere. The strength of the ciders produced is, therefore, dependent on the amount of fermentable sugars in the pressed apple juice.

Wherever possible, apples are sourced locally. The mixture of apples used will produce a distinctive taste each year. Juice is allowed to finish fermentation naturally. This tends to produce a drier cider – those who prefer a sweeter taste may wish to try adding a small amount of sugar, honey, apple juice or even lemonade, before drinking.

High Street
RG17 9TJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 7885 296789

Pang Valley Cider

Pang Valley Cider is a joint project between lifelong friends Gary Wickens & Rick Wyatt. Rick has over 12 years’ experience gathering, pressing and fermenting traditional eating varieties of apple that would otherwise go to waste. Gary has no previous drinks production experience but he likes a drink and loves a punt!

 Rick traded under the name of Wyatt’s Craft Cider and mostly produced a bottled, lightly sparkling cider called Berkshire Gold with the kind assistance of his family. Rick decided to wind up Wyatt’s Craft Cider due to the difficulty of balancing a day job, young family and also premises limitations.

Fast forward to autumn 2018 and the relocation to a beautiful location on a local farm with far reaching views across the Pang Valley it was clear to see growth opportunity – if only we could source more of the vital ingredient – Apples.

Rick’s background is fermenting desert apple varieties so that’s where we started. Top quality eating apples were sourced from a small grower in Kent, apples that were surplus to the supermarket business due to being either too small, too big or too damned ugly – in other words perfect for juicing. Spartan, Cox, Jonagold, Idared and Golden Delicious of the finest quality have all gone to the press and the resulting cider is clean, crisp and perfectly clear with a fine wine like quality. To be bottled soon.

Along with this Eastern Counties style of cider we have also made a true West Country style cider from classic traditional cider apple varieties grown in Hereford and Somerset. Michelin, Dabinett, and Browns Apple along with a locally grown cider apple from Douai Abbey believed to be Yarlington Mill have been pressed and blended together. This cider is showing the need for further maturing so we hope to have it available mid to late summer.

We will of course be experimenting with one-off and custom blends that will pop up as the summer progresses. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for regular updates of where we are and what we’re up to.

It’s an exciting time for cider as discerning drinkers look beyond the conventional. Please see #Rethinkcider for a glimpse of this fresh outlook. For further details on our endeavours please contact

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