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Furlough! Pandemic! Lets grow mushrooms!!
Urban farmers growing gourmet mushrooms in Thatcham, Berkshire. Vegan-friendly. Fresh. Can be found at Chieveley Market.
Grown in a pesticide-free environment on cold pasteurised straw. From incubation to harvest 7 weeks for delicious shrooms.
When they grow their mushrooms, there are various stages in producing these yummy oyster mushrooms.
The straw is cold pasteurised in water and hydrated lime overnight and drained the next day.
The straw and mushroom spore is mixed together in bags and this kicks off Phase 1, Incubation. The mycelium (root system) will consume the straw and the bag will end up almost white in colour. The Incubation tent is warm and dark.
Once the bags are white in colour, they are ready for Phase 2, Fruiting. The bags are moved from the Incubation tent to the Fruiting tent. This environment is more complex as it has heat, humidity and light. This progresses the mushrooms to start growing into the tasty mushrooms they harvest and eat.
The Incubation and Fruiting tents are cleaned regularly to prohibit the growth of mould. Temperature, light and humidity is also constantly monitored.
they  grow 3 different types of strains:
Pleurotus ostreatus – Grey-Blue Oyster mushroom
Pleurotus citrinopileatus – Yellow Oyster mushroom
Pleurotus salmoneo – Pink Oyster mushroom