Lost Railway Stations of West Berkshire

The pretty villages of West Berkshire have a long history, including a long lost railway line running through them.

The Lambourn Valley Railway
Boxford- now a bus shelter
Bockhampton Level Crossing

Eastbury Railway Station

The station opened on 4 April 1898 as Eastbury. The vast majority of the station’s traffic was milk; there was little demand for other goods and so the lack of a yard meant that the milk churns would be left on the platform to be collected.[1]

On 9 July 1934, the station became unstaffed and was renamed Eastbury Halt.

The station closed to all traffic on 4 January 1960.

East Garston Railway Station
Great Shefford Railway Station
Welford Railway Station
Stockcross Railway Station
Speen Railway Station
Newbury West Fields
Newbury Station
What has happened to them now?
Remaining Monuments

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