The  Dog Zone with Linda Bowden

Linda Bowden, from Great Shefford, comes into the studio to discuss her life in local farming and her involvement with The Royal County of Berkshire Show, over the years and the Dog Zone, which was brought in last year and future plans for this , as well as her own dogs and their training.

This show was 28th in the global interview chart.

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The Heritage Community Project with David Willetts

The rich history of Donnington & Shaw villages, including the castle, will be explored through displays and storytelling at St. Mary’s Church, as part of the Heritage Open Day weekend.

This event marks the launch of an ambitious community project to highlight and share the living visual, aural and oral heritage of the villages of Donnington and Shaw to an expanding community and wealth of visitors. Come and Join the Heritage Squad as we launch our Community project to reveal and share a living visual, aural and oral heritage of the villages of Donnington and Shaw with our expanding community and a wealth of visitors. Our community project will explore and record the rich history of Donnington and Shaw villages, including Donnington Castle, St. Mary’s Church, Shaw House, Donnington Priory, Donnington Hospital, and Shaw Mill. Over the coming months we plan to work together to create digital displays and record stories from folk memory before they are lost forever. Heritage is not just in the past. Our Heritage is a living, breathing part of our everyday life that is just waiting to be discovered and celebrated. Let’s watch and listen as the stones of our buildings, the memorials, artefacts and historical records down the centuries come alive and speak to us today.

Be part of the Heritage Squad. We need your contribution please!

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Paul Meets Paul

Several years ago, Paul interviewed himself for a charity fundraiser- not an easy feat over an hour. Here this is re done with Paul presenting himself, Paul the person.

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Restoring a Model T Ford & Growing up in Shaw Cum Donnington with Peter & Roger 

The Model T Ford, also known as the ” Tin Lizzie” changed the way Americans lived, worked and travelled. It was priced so the average American could afford it. Peter was bought a Model T Ford from the USA and lovingly restored it to it’s full beauty.

Peter and Roger grew up together in Shaw-cum-Donnington and they recount their lives in the village and how things changed.

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The Berkshire Motor Show with Steph Awbery

The Berkshire Motor Show  was started to help different charities and to give something back to the community and has in many ways.
The community plays a big part in looking after your neighbours, helping with jobs, that others cannot do, comfort people when sad or ill, these are just a few things in general.
Community spirit plays a big part in life, and together we can all help no matter how big or small. Raising money for South Central Ambulance Service, there are many attractions to visit and enjoy.

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