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The Canal & River Trust’s project to replace the pumping system at Crofton, which ensures the charity can keep the summit of the Kennet & Avon Canal topped-up with water for boats, will be completed this winter. 

The works, started in September and will continue through to March 2023.  Costing £1.8 million, the project will see the canal’s 40-year-old pumps, pipes and electrics at Crofton replaced with a modern, more efficient and reliable system.

Draining a stretch of canal is a rare event, and hundreds of pounds of fish, were collected including some very large and ecologically important specimens. 

The species rescued included roach, pike, bream, gudgeon and perch.

The fish rescue was carried out by specialist contractors who use electrofishing. This involves passing an electric current through the water to temporarily disengage the ability of the fish to swim.

They can then be easily netted, placed in large containers of water where they can recover for a few minutes, before being rehomed in a nearby section of canal that isn’t being drained. 


Kennet and Avon Canal Fish rescue
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