Journey Through Recycling in West Berkshire with Jana Karst

Let me introduce myself. I am a full-time working mum of 2 boys and a freshly published novelist of The Ninth Cross by my pen name J. Karst. Every single day I also try to do the little bit I can in saving the environment for future generations.

photo of girls dancing
Hasbro Toy Recycling Program
boy sitting on his desk while reading his book
Back To It !
crop person packing jeans into carton container
House Clearance & Recycling
woman preparing carton box with adhesive tape
Raising Funds Through Recycling
silhouette of graves
Still On Lockdown - Back To Book Writing
photo of grey tabby kitten lying down
restaurant dawn fashion man
Happy New Year
cute white kitty peacefully sleeping
Lockdown Continues
unrecognizable couple walking in park holding hands
man wearing blue scrub suit and mask sitting on bench
people on a video call
Video Conferencing
tilt shift photography of brown and gray hedgehog
Charities Helped
woman in black long sleeve shirt using binoculars
crop person cleaning toilet rim with sponge
The Incident of The Yellow Sponge
man walking on seashore
Foil & Metal
woman in yellow tshirt and beige jacket holding a fruit stand
The Olio Ap
close up photo of stacked chocolates bars beside raspberries
The Terraccyle Confectionary
crop person cleaning toilet with detergent and brush
Household Cleaning Recycle Schemes
Disposable Gloves
A Little Mouse ...
Recycling Beauty Product Waste

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