Inspector Morse Locations Quiz- Day 3

Answers to Day 2
  1. Oriel
  2. John’s Beaumont Rex School, Surrey
  3. Castle Bar, Ealing
  4. Dorney Court, Berkshire
  5. Dorney Court, Berks
  6. Old Windsor, Berkshire.

Inspector Morse’s house has now been redeveloped into offices, but originally it was a fact on long term lease to the television company.

The owner’s of  Nicholas Quin’s House in  in Dorney is used twice in the episode and the owners were away during filming. There was a quiet road to the house, suitable for filming in, with the house opposite being a conservation area, the car park being ideal for the ‘circus’- the vans etc associated with filming.

There is a small church in the background shots, which is at Boveny.

The residents opposite Dorney Common remember the filming, the jaguar arriving on. stealer, rather than being driven. In the early days it was not fully functional, the high speed chase scenes usually filmed with the jag being on a trailer, pushed by several crew members. The television company owned the jag throughout the series, offering it to John Thaw at the end, but he declined the offer. It was won in a competition and was restored., later following an auction, its new owners now have it available for hire for weddings. During filming its mirror would often be removed so the actors could be seen. 

Coleby’s House was in Old Windsor – in a secluded cup de sac, with east Berkshire College nearby for the circus. When the ambulance rushes off, it actually turns into a dead end road.

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