Hungerford in Top Ten Towns to Move To

Hungerford in Top Ten Towns to Move To

Hungerford has recently seen a big increase in interest from house buyers, making it one of the top ten places to move to, according to Rightmove.

It is thought maybe the relative lower price houses than places such as Windsor, the good train links to London and West Berkshire’ lower than average coronavirus rate and more people working from home.

When cross rail comes to Reading, it will make it even more accessible and there are also very pretty small, rural and remote villages surrounding it on all sides.

“London Leavers”  now account for 30% of property purchases and whilst it has been seen as the poorer cousin of Marlborough, the shops and restaurants have significantly changed and grown, even though it still feels like a village.

It has a canal running through it, with canal trips, parkland and a common, plus easy access to racing etc. 

In every direction are popular pubs to visit and it hosts a literary arts festival every year.

Some ” London Leavers” are moving to the surrounding villages, such as Kintbury, which also has a train station.