A rare opportunity to gain access to the Decontamination Suite that formed part of the Cold War US Airbase at Greenham Common with guided tours through the facility explaining the history of the building.

Greenham Common was active as a US Army Air Force and US Air Force airfield for various periods from WWII onwards, most famously during the Cold War.

Between 1982 – 1991, it was home to the US Air Force 501st Tactical Missile Wing and operated 96 cruise missiles.

It was the site for the famous Greenham women’s peace protests.

Few buildings remain from this period. Greenham Control Tower is the only building now open to the public as a visitor centre.

The charity that runs Greenham Control Tower has arranged special permission to open the decontamination suite within building 274 to the public as part of Heritage Open Days.

This section of building 274 is attached to what was the command centre for the 501st Tactical Missile Wing.

Parts of the building have walls of blast-proof steel-reinforced concrete and solid blast-proof doors.

The purpose of the decontamination section would have been to cleanse personnel of nerve agents in the event of a chemical attack.

Part of building 274 was designed as a hardened area to be self-sufficient in air, water and sanitation if a complete shut-down of the base occurred following an enemy attack

As well as tours of this facility there will be associated events during the weekend arranged by Greenham Control Tower.

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Event Times

Saturday 9 September: 1100-1600
Sunday 10 September: 1100-1600

Booking Details

No booking required


Only the exterior of the building is wheelchair accessible. The building tour is not suitable for babies, very young children or people who suffer from claustrophobia. Only Guide dogs may enter.

Additional Information

Max 15 people per tour/session. 30 minutes + optional walk across Greenham Common to Greenham Control Tower There are no toilets at the Decontamination Suite. There are full facilities, parking , toilets, a cafe and the opportunity to view Greenham Common, including the GAMA nuclear bunkers, from the observation deck of the Control Tower at RG19 8BZ. Contact for the day: Tori Yates – 07736 252644‬

HOD Decontamination Suite

Greenham Control Tower, RG19 8BZ

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