This bold, colourful and historically inspired exhibition features the works of Nigerian-born, Doncaster artist, Chinwe Russell.

This stand-out exhibition gives an insight into the lives of some incredible women from around the world, whose achievements in different sectors have had a massive impact on the contemporary world and continue to do so.

Pictures include well-known historical figures such as Marie Curie, Elizabeth I and Florence Nightingale, along with many lesser-known women whose works continue to shape our daily lives.

Chinwe’s narrative artistic style has brought a string of accolades to her name.

Often historical in nature, Chinwe’s work uses bold bright colors to depict subjects evocative of deep reflection and emotions.

Her naïve, intuitive style can be found both in public and private collections in the UK and abroad.

hinwe Russell is influenced by our past as well as how it has shaped our present.

She has said that she is inspired by the strength of a woman.

She admires courage and is moved by weakness and hardship.

In her own words, she states,

‘I paint my version of history; not the way it happened, but how I imagine it could have happened.

I was not there so I create the past in my own imagination.

Who am I to judge what happened in the past?’.

Chinwe likes to paint in bright and bold colours, it is said she like to ‘challenge and confront’.

There is also a personal connection to her art as Chinwe sees her art work as a kind of therapy, on the topic she says that ‘in times of great emotion, painting frees my soul’.

Historical Women Who Changed the World

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Historical Women Who Changed the World
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