Recycling in West Berkshire with Jana Karst / Happy New Year & Friendship

It’s here, 2021 has entered the world and brought with it some hope and reflection. I hadn’t set any new year resolutions because let’s be honest, I will never stick to them.

A little card which arrived in the post made me think of not the tough year of 2020 but the best years of my childhood. Its’ neat school required standard handwriting was clear indication that it was my best friend’s daughter who has overseen writing of the Christmas cards. Her mother Simona is my longest dearest friend I ever had.

Simona stuck with me through the tough times and was always the beacon of stability that I much needed. As you can tell from the previous blogs, I am a slightly hyperactive soul. Whilst I dreamed of being a pet shop keeper or a racing driver, Simona already knew she will be a medic.

We met at a girl basketball team when 13. Whilst Simona practiced her perfect shots to a higher perfection, I run around like a road runner on smack, throwing the ball about from all angles. Whilst she announced that she structured her education to ensure top marks to guarantee a place in a famous university, I didn’t even consider that I will grow up one day.

It was there at the basketball court that Simona met Tomas, a fit, tallish lad with head full of golden curls. As you already assumed, Simona made decision number 2 – Tomas was the man she was going to marry after her graduation from medicine.

Whilst Simona was head in studies and passing hard exams for Prague Charles University, Tomas was doing a degree in computer science and swapping girlfriends like socks. His golden curls attracted women to him like wasps to a pot of honey. When Simona graduated medicine with top marks, Tomas was working in computing, thinking he should settle down.   

When I was told by Simona that she is going out with Tomas, I thought that it was impossible. When I received their wedding invitation, I really thanked the guardian angel that at the time Simona didn’t announce that she will be a dictator and rule the world; for she would probably achieve it.

Why am I mentioning Simona? Whilst we are all licking our wounds of 2020 worrying for what is to come in 2021, we probably should take a leaf out of Simona’s book. Maybe we should just shout out loud what we will do/become/make ….. and just do it.

I always dreamed of publishing and never thought it will happen. Through lacking confidence, I have pushed through with hard-headed stubbornness and pushed ahead. Only today I managed to get to chapter 9 of my second book where I am applying all that I learned from 2019/2020. Even though all my signing events and chances of any promotion whatsoever were closed/cancelled it still didn’t stop me to carry on with my dreams.

One thing I ask of you all, is to be like Simona, say it out loud what will happen in 2021. Then make it happen even if the 7 plagues of hell descent upon the earth. Eat the locusts, douse the fire do whatever is necessary to stubbornly say that you are unique, and you will do what you wanted to achieve in 2021.

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