Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch / Growing Vegetables

Exciting times ahead you will be extremely well rewarded.

Definitely start planning now.

Look at containers to use.
And get compost 
Prepare ground 
Or build a raised bed.

One of my Friends built a raised bed last year 4ft x3ft grew fantastic veg for the first time
This year making the second one . What a success.

Look at seeds to grow.

My tip  Veg that you enjoy eating and quick maturity Look for cropping in 10 weeks
Buy a little selection and write the labels in readiness for sowing.

You could start some salad leaves and short round carrots in containers now.
Most seeds can be sown in a warm place in March 
Outside when warmer in late April and May.

Next good tip sow little and often through out the year.

to look out for in the next Gardening Blog.Grow a dinner -some early potatoes 

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