Greenham Common

The Greenham Common Control Tower is an iconic grade II listed building which in the 1970’s and 1980’s played an important part in Britain’s role in The Cold War. At its height it oversaw the operation of the longest runway in Europe.
When the airbase closed, and Greenham and Crookham Commons were returned to the people of West Berkshire, the Control Tower was left abandoned and fell into a poor state of repair.
In 2014 Greenham Parish Council made a successful bid to purchase the building with the vision of turning it into a visitor centre for community use. Work on the refurbishment started later that year with a view to providing an on site café, visitor toilets, a visitor centre focusing on the history of Greenham Common as well as on site offices.
After a few false starts, a new charity was formed and they now operate the tower as a visitor centre, with exhibitions and a cafe.

Outside tables and chairs @ Greenham Control Tower.

The Greenham Control Tower charity have been providing outside seating for visitors to the Tower and the Common for a period of time. While utilised by Café patrons, this was not their main purpose and we believed keeping this seating outside was within the latest government regulations.

However, following a very friendly and advisory visit from trading standards, we have been advised our interpretation of the regulations was incorrect.

Trading standards have been extremely helpful in clarifying the current lockdown legislation, and therefore we have removed the tables and chairs to ensure compliance.

While the Tower itself is still closed, the Café will remain open as a takeaway as usual and look forward to your continued support during this challenging time.

Thank You

Greenham Control Tower Trustees

Greenham Common

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