Goodbye Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore

During the first lockdown, we were introduced to someone who became a legend and close to the hearts of the British people. Captain Sir Tom Moore, was an inspiration to so many people with his attitude of “we can do this’, whilst raising £33 million for the NHS, not sitting at home and accepting his fate.

‘Hearts of the Nation’

Mr Hancock said Capt Sir Tom had been “a symbol of people’s resilience during an incredibly difficult year”.

“When the NHS was under pressure during the first lockdown – he didn’t just sit at home, he asked the question ‘what can I do to help?’,” he said.

“We should find a way to make sure we mark the memory of Captain Sir Tom Moore and thank him for the contribution he made to the NHS.

“I will ensure that we mark his contribution properly and appropriately at the right moment.

“I think everybody would welcome that… he touched the hearts of the nation and we should remember that.”

Thank-you Captain Sir Tom Moore

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