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One of my favourites 
We did have a fairly mild winter but there was some severe wind chill that has given
some damage to Shrubs .
Making some of the leaves to go brown I’m sure most of the Shrub will recover well.

In lime soil conditions leaves can turn yellow. Azaleas love acid conditions and plenty of shade.

I would mulch with some eareacous compost and give a multi purpose watered in feed.

Very little pruning needed just remove any of last year’s flowers.Water well when very hot. and enjoy

Summer bedding 

It’s always a big decision to make when to plant out your summer bedding plants.
Invariably the Autumn Pansies and Primrose are at their best when you need to swap to summer planting.
The sunny days with high temperatures certainly are great to see but makes the Pansies and Primroses go passed their best quickly.
I would transfer these plants to a shady place in the ground giving you the empty 
Baskets or tubs for summer plants but cannot go out until frost are over late May time.

Plant Baskets and tubs ready but keep in a Greenhouse and start to harden off in the day time but can still be planted later in june if buying plants from Garden centres
There’s plenty of time but good to plan ahead.
Enjoy your plants.


GardeningThrough The Seasons with Margaret Finch


Our Garden have definitely announced that Spring has well and truly arrived.
My patch is so bright and alive with yellow not just the super bright Forsythia but
Daffodils and Narcissus rejoicing the warm weather. This year they seem to be even better than previously.
One of my all-time favourites and the most common garden flower but so diverse with
14 divisions from Trumpet centres to double flowers and multi headed there is such 
a range to choose from flowering as early as February to late May.
It’s uplifting watching their blaze of gold and nodding heads in the breeze with a waft
of sweet perfume through the air to waken our senses being one of the best parts of Spring. Dead head after flowering leaving their leaves to fade away naturally daffodils will increase and grow for many years.
My tip is to plant Dwarf varieties being more sturdy and withstanding the winds.
Daffodils or we should say Narcissus are absolutely addictive and very versatile great in the ground ,borders and woodland settings but good in tubs and containers as well
as indoor pots or an interesting display of colour in your Greenhouse.
Make plans now of more Narcissus to plant in the Autumn and thoroughly enjoy their
colour and brightness.
Margaret Finch.


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