Firework Displays In and Around West Berkshire

Bonfire night has always been hugely popular with families and children with many events to visit in and around West Berkshire. Fireworks do not have to shake the earth – in fact is taken away by reducing noise levels is significantly made up for in visual impression! ‘Low noise’ does not mean ‘no noise’ however without the huge explosions, many more families are able to enjoy a breathtaking and enormous fireworks display without upsetting children or causing disruption to the local community!

Newbury Lions Fabulous Fireworks

photo of fireworks during nighttime

Wokingham Fireworks

sparkling bright fireworks in black sky

Family Fireworks Spooktacular

photo of fireworks during nighttime

Firework Spectacular at Legoland

low angle photo of fireworks
light vacation festival explosion

Abingdon Firework Display

fireworks display
painting of fireworks

Firework Spectacular

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