ONSITE Have A Go at Loom Weaving

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ONSITE Have A Go at Loom Weaving - Wed 26th May 2021

SKU: AP260521-6
Tutor Angela Pawlyn
10am- 4pm

This onsite, loom weaving workshop is designed for beginners and improvers

Workshop Details
Gain an insight into this fascinating craft by weaving on two types of table loom. One sample will be woven on a rigid heddle loom and the second on a four-shaft loom. The first will give you an idea of what is involved in weaving a floor rug or a small picture and the second will be the type of weaving used for fabrics.

The rigid heddle loom will be set up so the weft will completely cover the warp (the threads on the loom). You can produce stripes and spots using two colours. Alternatively, you could experiment with techniques needed to produce a simple picture. The 4-shaft loom will be set up with the warp closer together so it contributes to the design and produces a balanced weave. You will start by lifting two shafts at a time to produce diagonal lines and zigzags. The lifting sequence can then be changed to produce diamonds and many other patterns.

The samples can be made up into small bags or used as mats. You will see examples of a few of the many types of weaving that can be woven on these looms.

Skills/Techniques Covered

  • basic weaving vocabulary
  • understanding the difference between balanced weave and weft-faced weave
  • weaving twill patterns
  • keeping edges neat when using two shuttles
  • finishing off weaving

Materials are not included in your course fee. The approximate cost of these will be £5. The tutor would like you to donate the sum to one of the ARDINGTON'S supported charities.