WATCH: Meet a Puppeteer

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08/03/2021 10:42 - 10:42
The Watermill Theatre
Address: The Watermill Theatre Bagnor, Newbury RG20 8

WATCH: Meet a Puppeteer

MON 04 JAN 2021 - MON 05 APR 2021

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In this interview Scarlet discusses her professional journey, the highs and lows of puppeteering and gives some great tips on how you can get involved whether you are interested in pursuing a puppetry career, or if you just want to try something new for fun.

Video Length: 50 Minutes
Suitability: Suitable for everyone, but will probably most engage ages 10 years - adult.

Puppetry Warm-up

Scarlet also shares with us a quick and energising warm up routine, to get our bodies ready for some puppet fun.

Video Length: 13 minutes
Suitability: All ages can get involved with this, providing you go at your own pace! Please note, Scarlet has sped up certain elements of her warm up so she can fit it all in - you can pause your video when she fast forwards and go at your own pace. Enjoy!

WATCH: Make A Sock Puppet

In this video, The Watermill's Head of Wardrobe Emily Barratt takes us through all the steps to make a Sock Puppet. We understand not everyone will have sewing equipment at home, but that's okay - be creative and improvise! Maybe you can draw eyes on with a sharpie and glue on some accessories with what you have in the house (make sure to ask a grown up first). Have fun!

Video Length: 10 minutes
Suitability: 5 years plus with adult supervision.

CREATE: Design Your Sock Puppet

Design your sock puppet using this template to help you get started.

WATCH: Accessorise Your Sock Puppet

Now you've made your Sock Puppet, it is time to make it a costume - here Emily gives you some great suggestions. We can't wait to see your creations!

Video Length: 6 minutes
Suitability: 5 years plus with adult supervision.


WATCH: Bring your Sock Puppet to Life
Following on from Emily’s amazing videos on how to make and accessorise your very own sock puppet, Scarlet shows us how to bring them to life! Watch this video to learn how to make our puppet look like it is actually talking. Why not get it to read from a poem or sing-a-long to your favourite song? Make a video and don’t forget to show us!


Video Length: 10 minutes
Suitability: 7 years - adults (younger children will be able to access with support)


CREATE: Shadow Puppet Fun
Our Outreach Assistant Emma Bradbury is a specialist in drama for early years and she has created a brilliant activity sheet on how to have some fun with shadow puppets at home. Whilst this worksheet has been designed for younger children, all ages can enjoy shadow puppet fun together - a great way to get the whole family involved. You can either print and fill in this worksheet or just work with it on a screen if you don’t have access to a printer. Enjoy and let your imagination be free!


Download: Shadow Puppet Fun

Activity Length: This worksheet should take about 30 minutes to complete, but the fun you can have creating and making your own shadow puppets is endless!

Suitability: 4 years plus (but both younger and older children can engage with shadow puppet play – and adults too!)
WATCH: Anything can be a Puppet
Professional actor-puppeteer Scarlet is back to share her skills with us! This time she shows us how to turn a range of household objects into puppets – this is a process known as ‘object manipulation’. This is a fantastic opportunity to get really creative using what is around you. Why not create a character (or a host of characters) and get them to respond to being in lockdown! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Video Length: 14 Minutes
Suitability: 7 years – adults. Scarlet takes us through different levels (younger children will be able to access with support)


DISCOVER: Puppetry Downloads (Families and Children)

If you have enjoyed following our puppetry videos, have some fun with this downloadable resource. Print pages two and three to design your own puppet and create a story about what it gets up to! Suitable for primary school aged children.

DISCOVER: Puppetry Download (Young People and Adults)
If you have enjoyed following our puppetry videos and would like to find our more, download this process for research ideas and links to videos and further reading. Suitable for secondary school aged young people and adults.