ONSITE:Silver Clay Rings

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ONSITESilver Clay Rings

Tutor: Melanie Blaikie
10am - 4.30pm

This one-day, onsite silver clay workshop is designed for a range of abilities including adventurous beginners

Workshop Details
Silver clay is an amazing new form of silver that can be shaped with your fingers like clay. You will learn how to, and make, three different ways of making a ring and methods for settings stones into your rings. This will be a productive and relaxing course with plenty of time to experiment and be creative with precious metal clay. No expensive tools or equipment are needed.

For this workshop it would be helpful if you have some experience of working with silver clay – but adventurous beginners are also very welcome.

Skills/Techniques Covered

  • sizing a ring
  • rolling and shaping silver clay
  • using a ring mandrel to create a perfectly shaped ring
  • setting stones into rings
  • firing, polishing and finishing