Moon Jars

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21/10/2020 10:00 - 16:00
Micklems Farm
Phone:07973 325451
Address: Micklems Farm, Knowl Hill Common, Knowl Hill, Berkshire RG10 9YD

Moon Jars

Spend a whole day, playing with clay, making a group of Moon Jars.  The day will start, learning a little about their history,  looking at images and examining real life Moon Jars, which can be your inspiration during the workshop. Moon Jars originated in Korea – usually made of porcelain and very large they became a national icon. Using pinching and coiling techniques, with moulds, we will make several Moon Jars of various sizes, approx. 6cm – 13cm, possibly 20cm if you’re feeling confident.  We will finish the day by decorating the Moon Jars using underglazes.

I will fire and glaze the Moon Jars with a transparent glaze and return them to Micklems Farm for collection in about 4 weeks after the workshop.

Please bring with you – an apron, pencil & paper. Please treat your hands to a good quality handcream , as clay is very drying on the hands.

The cost of clay and firings are not included in your course fee. The approximate cost of these will be £25, payable to the tutor during the course.

Includes - All tools, moulds and underglazes. Tea, coffee and biscuits.

Terms - Fee is payable on booking. If, having booked, you cancel your booking, we are unable to offer a refund. However, you may nominate someone else to attend the workshop or class in your place by notifying us using the contact page on the Micklems Farm website.

Level: beginners and up

 Number of students:  10