Diana Pattenden- Classes in Sculpture

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04/09/2020 - 18/09/2020 All day

Diana Pattenden- Classes in Sculpture

Sculpt something from a block of clay and hollow it out. Slab or coil build your creation. Have a go on the potter’s wheel. Learn about firing and glazes. Classes are unstructured on purpose. This is so each student can pursue their own interests to the max, with Diana's  expert guidance and a wealth of resources for inspiration.

Classes run on:-

Saturday mornings, 11am-1pm.

Monday evenings, 7pm-9pm.

Tuesday mornings, 10.30am-12.30pm.

Wednesday evenings, 5pm-7pm.

Friday mornings, 10.30am-12.30pm.

Children's Parties

For children from age 5 upwards, it’s an exciting and very different way to celebrate a birthday. Bookings being taken – Saturday or Sunday afternoons, 2-4pm, £20 per child. Six children is the ideal number. You could choose a theme – wild animals, pokemon characters, sea creatures, pets, dragons.

Each child gets to cut a piece of clay from the block, create a sculpture and colour on wet clay in one afternoon. Over the next couple of weeks the children’s work gets hollowed, dried, fired once then fired again with a clear glaze to create a classy finish. Then I get in touch to arrange collection.


Gather six of your friends together for evenings of fun with clay. Some folk haven’t touched clay since school and the excitement is hard to contain.

For just £50 you get a glass or two of Prosecco and and two evenings of fun with your friends. On the first evening  you’ll be making something wonderful with the wet clay. A couple of weeks later, once the piece has had time to air-dry and be fired in the kiln, you’ll come back to the studio for glazing. Your piece will then get a second firing and I’ll let you know when its ready to collect.

Pressing leaves into wet clay to make dishes or wall-hung tea-light sconces are some of the simplest ideas.  Pinch pots or slab pots with marbles melted into the cup are stunning. You could sculpt your favourite animal,a fish, bird or your dog. Its good come with an idea and some pictures. There’s even is a potter’s wheel if  you fancy a go.


How amazing is this?

Would you like you and your family to have a really wonderful keepsake? Book yourselves to get your hands cast at my studio. When you arrive I will show you some YouTube videos so you can familiarise yourselves with the process. You rehearse a few poses whilst I prepare the setting agent (natural alginate sourced from seaweed). You plunge your hands into the bucket of setting agent, wait a few minutes while it sets and captures all the fine detail. Then carefully pull your hands out. I fill the space with quality Plaster of Paris. Once this sets we can carefully tear away some of the alginate for you to have a glimpse of what is hidden.

I spend some time preparing and finishing before you return to the studio to collect the finished piece. Prices start at £45 for one hand £90 for two hands and increase at £25 per additional hand. Wood-turned base is extra.

You can listen to an interview with Diana Yattendon here