Introduction to Japanese BORO

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Introduction to Japanese BORO

This one-day, onsite workshop is suitable for beginners familiar with their sewing machine and those with more experience

Workshop Details

Christine has been developing a style of hand and machine stitched patchwork that is very accessible and rewarding, 'borrowing' from Japanese Boro work. The workshop will include an introduction to Boro and a practical project, a phone/glasses case.

Derived from Japanese boroboro, meaning something tattered or repaired, boro refers to the practice of reworking and repairing textiles (often clothes or bedding) through piecing, patching and stitching, in order to extend their use. The workshop will include an illustrated introduction to Boro work followed by a demonstration as to how you can create a Boro influenced unique piece of textile, that can be made into a phone or glasses case. You could go on to bigger projects and there will be some examples to inspire you.