Handlettering Bodoni style Seasonal Greetings 2022

Handlettering Bodoni style Seasonal Greetings 2022

Handlettering Bodoni style Seasonal Greetings 2022

Tutor: Thomas Hoyer


This LivePlus™ online workshop is suitable for beginners and for those with some lettering experience.

Workshop details

In general, there are two ways of creating a script: either you write the letters or you draw them.

When you write, you define the letter by the width of the stroke you make with your tool.

When you draw, you define it by an outline.

In this four-part workshop, Thomas will be teaching the art of the drawn letter.

Usually, when you think about calligraphy you think about nibs and ink. That limits you to a certain environment and equipment.

The concept of drawing letters allows you to be creative with any tool anywhere.

For drawing you don’t need any special calligraphy tools. Any ordinary writing tool will do, even a ballpoint pen.

This will allow you to do calligraphy spontaneously or when you are on the go.

When thinking of lively drawn letters we think of Sherri Kiesel’s wonderful script. In 2015, Thomas Hoyer designed his own script of drawn letters based on the scripts developed by the Italian calligrapher, typographer and publisher Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813).

As the weeks progress you will learn the basics and then more expressive, free variations of the single letters.

You will also experiment with different tools and use your personal momentum and flow to let hand lettering Bodoni-style come to life.

Most calligraphers don’t have a design background, therefore layout and design is not a topic.

Thomas Hoyer has an MA in graphic design and so, after playing with the letterforms, students will also learn the basics of greeting card design with lots of samples to spur their imagination.

By the end of the series you will confident to create your own unique looking Seasonal Greetings cards!

During these workshops, every work along exercise will be demonstrated by Thomas and explained step-by-step, with time to then try it yourself during the class and to ask lots of questions.

After each session you will be given a link to the recording, which you can watch as many times as you wish for thirty days.

Tutor: Thomas Hoyer

Please contact the venue or organiser for bookings, cancellations or further information on 01235 833433
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  • Date : 03 Nov 2022
  • Time : 10:00 - 12:00 (Europe/London)
  • Venue : Ardington School of Crafts Ltd. The Old School School Road Ardington Oxfordshire OX12 8PN ​UK


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