Christmas at 4 Kingdoms 2022

Christmas at 4 Kingdoms 2022

Christmas at 4 Kingdoms 2022

Join them this Christmas for a magical adventure to the North Pole, creating special family memories for years to come.

Explore the fabulous world of the Elves before heading to Santa’s lodge for a unique private audience.

From snowballs and sleighs, to presents and princesses, immersive yourself in a seasonal extravaganza; take lots of fantastic photos and come away laden with goodies and filled with Christmas cheer.

Before you book your sleigh, let’s take a sneak peek and see what delights await you on your journey…

What better way to begin a visit to the North Pole than jump on a sleigh and ride in style?

Reindeers Wilfred and Harvey will be harnessed, sprout-fuelled and ready to fly you direct to North Pole Airport; guided by an advanced magical navigation system and expertly flown by one of our elite Top Fun sleigh pilots.

After all, they’d hate for you to miss the runway and take a detour through the mystical thicket that surrounds the landing area…

Check in to your destination and meet Durwood; the newly appointed Head of North Pole customs.

Some say he is the smartest elf in the North (although that might be more to do with his immaculate appearance).

Still, he can spot a Christmas Grinch a mile off, and heaven help anyone caught smuggling penguins.

Of course there is usually nothing to worry about – so long as your paperwork is in order, your belief in Christmas is intact and you haven’t done anything naughty lately.

The eccentric toy inventor Socks will give you a guided tour of their ingenious Toy Research and Development facility and reveal the latest in toy innovations.

He is immensely proud of all his creations – mind you, he is starting to regret installing advanced A.I. systems into Aurora, a particularly sassy toy unicorn who loves to heckle.

Drop in for a gossip with some of Santa’s favourite reindeers as they take a break from pulling sleighs.

These experienced fliers have travelled far and wide and met a lot of people on their journeys.

No matter who comes to visit, they always seem to know so much about you.

They love to have a natter with friends new and old and they are always keen to introduce you to their new recruits.

You’ve arrived at the North’s most impressive landmark; the Ice Castle.

One of the Castle Wardens is very pleased to welcome you to the castle grounds.

The other castle Warden… is not.

So come on in, but please stay out.

Come closer, but go away!

It seems like those two will never agree, but there is one way to sort it out; a giant North Pole snowball battle.

Pick a side, grab a snowball, and join the fray!

Pay a visit to the delightfully elegant Ice Princess on her magical, musical throne and be enchanted by her magnificent voice.

As beautiful as she is wise, she loves to invite new friends into her home to enjoy her hospitality.

Still, she never misses an opportunity to burst into song.

In fact, she loves nothing more than for her special guests to join her for a boogie.

Come and take a trip down Memory Lane to see where Santa’s Elves live.

Stroll through the quaint high street and don’t forget to pop in to the Bar Humbug Sweet Shop for a special Christmas treat, before heading off down the twinkling tunnel of lights.

With all the sleighs dashing to and from the North Pole, making deliveries, transporting our special visitors, and of course the most important flight of the year: Santa’s Christmas run; somebody has to make sure the whole operation is running smoothly.

Here at Sleigh Traffic Control, our Head of Flight Operations Peggy Asus monitors flight paths and makes sure all interstellar portals and wormholes are working correctly to keep the North Pole sleigh routes open and on time.

The trees have ears… and often eyes, nose and mouth too.

They are probably some of the friendliest and happiest trees you are ever likely to meet.

So step inside the enchanted forest and take the winding, scenic route towards Santa’s place, located at the very heart of his kingdom; the North Pole itself.

It’s time to meet the most important person in the whole of the North Pole; the big man himself, the seasonal superintendent, the festive foreman, the bringer of joy and Christmas presents, Santa Claus.

He’s joyful and jolly, marvellously magical, and he’s always ready with a wink and a witty one-liner.

And of course, he’s known you and your family your whole lives, so it’s bound to be a happy reunion as you reminisce together and look towards the future.

After your visit with Santa, take some time to explore the local village, Sparkle Copse, at your leisure…


There are also toddler adventures….

West Berkshire Villagers
Visit their website for more information, bookings or cancellations


events West Berkshire villagers
Other Events on West Berkshire Villagers
  • Date : 01 Dec 2022 - 24 Dec 2022
  • Time : 09:00 - 17:00 (Europe/London)
  • Venue : 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park, Newbury Road, Headley, RG19 8JY

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