Edu Cafe


Do you live with dementia or care for someone who does? Looking for a dementia-friendly activity? Come along to our Dementia Walks across West Berkshire!


Community Cafes 

Community cafes are weekly FREE. cafes that will be taking place in different places across West Berkshire, starting with Newbury. The first one will be at The Globe, Newbury and they will be serving complimentary tea, cake and other snacks. There will also be confidential help desks, local service providers, ethnic market for ethnic enterprises and weekly activities & learning opportunities.

Free Tea and Cake


Educafe’s language support courses are designed to work with individuals to improve their employability and works skills. Improved language skills also encourage engagement with the wider community. 

We have a new English for work course starting in June which includes employability workshops delivered by the partners you can see below.

It’s free for eligible residents in West Berkshire and includes workshops from local agencies.

Learners can sign -up HERE or email us 

If you know anyone who could benefit from this course, please let them know to contact us. 

More language support course coming soon. If you need specific language support, please contact us.   

Free Language support for non native speakers

We have so many things that we want to achieve, and you can help us make things happen, so we are really excited!