Dog Portraits In West Berkshire

Naughty Dog Photography

“To capture the relationships dogs have with their owners is something many friends had requested. It seemed so important that I to try to distill the beautiful bond and relationships between dog and owner into a photograph that you can treasure.  

Forever Phototgraphs

“Dog photography is extra special to me, whilst capturing those quirky expressions, action shots and special moments of one’s precious family member”

The Hound Dog Photographer

Every family should have an amazing portrait of their pet.

“Hound Dog Photography was formed so that pet owners can have stunning and creative portraits that truly capture the personalities of their dog. Photo shoots take place on location against stunning backgrounds throughout the Surrey, Berkshire and the South East”

KS Furtography

“My name is Kevin Standage, but my business name is KS Furtography. I’m a West Berkshire based professional pet photographer. I specialise in dog and cat photography, although I occasionally photograph horses”

Pastel Pets


“Beautiful dog portraits from your photos in pastels or oils”

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