COVID-19 detection dogs

Covid19 Detection Dogs

Medical detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease with the aim of developing faster, more efficient and less invasive diagnostics that lead to better patient outcomes.

A recent trial has shown promising results with Covid19 Detection Dogs detecting the presence of Covid19 with high levels of accuracy. 

“To correctly identify the odour over 94% of the time and know when there was no disease present in over 90% of cases is remarkable”

These exciting results mean they have now moved to the next phase of the trial, which will see dogs trained to work in public settings.

The results indicate  that dogs perform better than the Lateral Flow Test which has a sensitivity of between 58-77%. Using dogs will also be considerably faster than existing testing methods since one dog can screen up to 250 people in 1 hour.

Crucially, they will be able to identify individuals who are carrying the virus but are asymptomatic. With many COVID-19 patients having no obvious symptoms, these individuals may not adhere to isolation guidelines, and the deployment of detection dogs could prevent up to 30% more onward transmission than no screening.This study has also provided strong evidence that the use of trained detection dogs to identify individuals with COVID-19 in public places such as  transport hubs could be beneficial in the fight against this pandemic, when used in conjunction with traditional testing methods.