Paul Presents: Renaissant Restaurant with Dom Robinson

Paul Presents | Renaissant Restaurant with Dom Robinson Renaissant is a restaurant by Dom Robinson on the site of the former Blackbird public house, opening on the 10th of September 2021. On the site of the former Blackbird public house; Renaissant will serve classical French cuisine by Dom Robinson, in a comfortable, refined environment. Food …

Paul Presents | The Newbury Lions with Judith Colby

close up portrait of lion

Paul Presents | The Newbury Lions with Judith ColbyLions Clubs International was founded in 1917 and is the largest voluntary organisation in the world. Its principal goals are to promote good citizenship, to take an active interest in the community, to serve its needs and to relieve distress. Lions Clubs are an international network of …

Paul Presents | Being a Stroke Survivor with Gavin McLaughlin

This time last year Gavin McLaughlin was fit and healthy enjoyed swimming and running and had competed in the World Age-Group Triathlon Championships. But over the course of one weekend in October a stroke slowly took over his body, leaving him unable to move. Mr McLaughlin, who lives in Hampstead Norreys with his wife and …

Paul Presents: Teaching Drama with Professor Andy Kemp from Reading University.

group of people sitting on chair on stage

Professor Andy Kemp teaches drama teachers at Reading University. Drama is a big employer and a big part of our culture. The film credits may show actors and actresses, but also the other forms of employment in the world of drama. Whilst learning drama young people can experience being in someone else’s shoes and trying to sort out the problems they are facing, seeing it from their point of view.