Where To Find Kingfishers in West Berkshire

Where to See Kingfishers in West Berkshire | Blink and you may miss the fantastic kingfisher! This beautiful bird is easy to recognise thanks to its bright blue and metallic copper colours. It darts along the riverbank or sits patiently on a low branch over the water waiting for its next meal to swim by.

Work Hubs & Meet Ups

Following Covid 19, the way people work is changing. Work Hubs and Meet Ups are a great way of mixing working from home and creating a new way of life, with a very small commute.

West Berkshire Libraries

mother and daughter reading book with interest in bed

Children’s therapist and author Becky Goddard-Hill reminds us that “Researchers at the University of Sussex have found that even six minutes of reading can reduce a person’s stress levels by two thirds…