Gardening through the Seasons with Margaret Finch / British Seasons

The magic of our  British Seasons never fails to impress us as Gardeners with awesome colours and the little treasures that return as old friends every year.
I’ve just spotted the emerging stems of Nerine Lillies with their spear like stems that flower leaf less and have the most dainty spherical heads of waxy petaled Flowers. They can be pink, red and white and make long lasting cut Flowers. They enjoy a sunny location and well worth watering when in leaf to help flowering.  

Also making a great show at the moment are the Michaelmas daisy or Asters enjoying the late Autumn sun, attracting plenty of Bees and Butterflies to their open daisy like blooms giving a good splash of colour.

Shrubs are also showing a vibrant glow of Autumn colour, the Forsythia has taken on a brilliant burgundy hue before shedding its leaves for Winter .This is one of the most impressive times of year for Trees showing off their splendid colours and an interesting small Tree is the Sorbus a Mountain Ash, good for a small Garden with brilliant coloured foliage and berries Joseph Rock having yellow berries.
My favourite Autumn Tree the Liquidambar is showing off it’s best red, purple and gold leaves almost Maple shape.The intensity of colour is awesome and well worth admiring.
Our for ever changing Seasons keep our Gardens alive with such fantastic interest making our Gardening pure pleasure only to be enjoyed.

Happy Gardening!

Margaret Finch

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