Private garden space in Britain cover about 728,900 hectares (1,801,151 acres) so their potential as a haven for wildlife is considerable.

Many already provide food, shelter and breeding sites for a wide range of animals which increases the interest and enjoyment of a garden.

Yet most could be planted and cultivated in ways to provide wildlife with so much more.

Thankfully, relatively few of Britain’s 22,400 species of insects are garden pests; of the rest, some of the others are beneficial as pollinating insects, or as predators or parasites of pest species, while the majority feed on dead or living plant material without having any detrimental effect on gardens.

Wildlife in gardens RHS- Visit their website

Imagine a wilder world on your doorstep, with more nature everywhere in urban and rural areas.

That is BBOWT’s bold vision for their three counties and they need you to be part of it.

Will you help them bring nature back and create a wilder future for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire – for nature, for climate and for people?

What can you do to create a wilder future?

By taking just one action for nature, no matter how small, you can make an impact and invite more wildlife back into our lives.

If you’re already taking action or have plans to do something in the near future, they’d love to hear from you!

If just one in four people helps, they can tip the scales back in nature’s favour.

They can bring wildlife back and tackle climate change. 

People are stepping forward from every sector of society to lead change in their fields and they welcome farmers, businesses, schools, politicians, and individuals as part of Team Wilder.

If you’re taking action for nature right now, no matter how small the act is, you’re already a part of #TeamWilder.


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Bring Back Nature in Your Garden 2022
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1. Let the grass grow 

2. Bird box and feeding

 3. Grow climbers

 4. Build an insect hotel

 5. Create a pond. 

6. Compost. 

7. Leave a gap in your fence. 

8. Grow flowers 

9. Have a break from weeding.

From building a bug hotel to reducing your carbon footprint, they’re inviting you to make simple promises to help nature and wildlife thrive.

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